Four Tips to Help you Buy the Right Side by Side

Side by sides or utility vehicles (UTVs) can be far more valuable than using them around the farm because of their functionality and versatility. But, while the fast sport-model UTV feeds the need for speed, its slower, work-oriented capability let them rule the market for land-owning country dwellers.

Typically, UTVs are capable of towing more than half a ton, carrying at least 500 pounds in their manual tilt-beds. Also, they can be fitted with some accessories that include front and rear blades, enclosed cabs, three-point hitches, lights, and others to handle some work-related tasks that landowners face. But, as a first-time UTV buyer, you may find sorting out the best model challenging. Before you comparer cote a cote, consider the tips below as they can guide you through your purchase:

Know where you are Buying

Just like when buying any vehicle, you need to diligently do your homework when buying a UTV. A lot of sellers online are unbiased and show the current price for the UTV you are looking for. Make sure you choose a reliable dealer in your area and compare their offers. Dealers need to have detailed records. Ask for the engine size, garage housed, hours/mileage used, and how the UTV was used.

Consider the Vehicle’s General Look

UTVs available for sale at dealerships should have been inspected and repaired for any issues. Ask for a detailed report of the work done and for a warranty. Do not overlook the obvious scratches, dents, and wear and tear because their presence may indicate a deeper issue. But, just because a UTV has a spotless appearance does not mean nothing is wrong with it.

Check the Engine

Check for a burnt smell in the motor oil. Find contaminates and excessive darkness in oil. Engine oil must not be too dark and or too clean. You should be concerned when the oil is very dark. However, very clean oil may mean that all possible engine issues in an older UTV may have been removed. Rub the oil between your fingers to feel the grittiness. Also, make sure to check the coolants for odd colours and debris.

Test Drive the UTV

A test drive will give you an idea of how the vehicle operates. When test driving the UTV, evaluate how it handles, turns, and runs. Does the vehicle shift gears easily? Check if the brakes don’t jerk or produce noise. After the test drive, check the vehicle for leaks and spatters.

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