Four Essential Things to Keep in Mind when Buying a Smoker

When buying a smoker, it is important to think carefully before making a decision. A smoker is designed to cook meat while infusing it with smoky flavor which makes it perfect for brisket, ribs, salmon, pulled pork, and other foods. Smokers are available in a lot of varieties so make sure to pick the one that fits your need and preference. Below are the factors to take into consideration when buying a smoker grill from audit kitchen gear.

Temperature Adjustment

Modern smokers come with improved controls to adjust temperature and smoking time. Such features are available in electric, charcoal, and gas smokers. Find a smoker option that includes these features or think about getting a smart temperature probe so that you can check your phone to monitor smoker temperatures.

Kind of Fuel

When buying a smoker, you will have to pick from various fuels that produce different results. Your fuel choices include:

  • Electric. Electric smokers consume plenty of energy; however, are made up of -tech sensors and controls which balance programming and temperature. But these smokers produce less smoky flavors than other fuel options.

  • Charcoal. Charcoal smokers utilize a combination of wood and charcoal. While many master chefs use charcoal, these smokers also have their drawbacks. For instance, they don’t always have precise temperatures and require plenty of experience in positioning and lightning. Also, cleaning them is quite hard.
  • Gas. Gas smokers are easier and faster to control than charcoal. Also, they produce better flavors than electric which makes them ideal for beginners.
  • Pellet. Pellet smokers are gaining more attention than before. They use electricity or gas for burning wood pellets.

Design and Shape

 Make sure to pick the right design and shape of your smoker according to what you want to do with it. If you are looking to smoke mainly as a hobby or for your family, go for a bullet-shaped smoker. If you want to use it for more serious work and require lots of room for various meats, invest in a bigger barrel or cabinet version. If you like to host huge parties and use your smoker, go for a full-towable big-capacity model. Regardless of your chosen model, find heavy steel construction and thick walls which will easily hold in and concentrate heat for many hours.

Ability to Distribute Heat

Keep an eye on the way the shape and fuel impact heat distribution when purchasing a smoker. Also, consider which areas of the smoker will be the hottest. This is especially necessary on charcoal grills which double as smokers.

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