Body Piercing – Why You Shouldn’t Pierce Your Own Ears

A DIY body piercing is the easiest and cheapest way to do it yourself, right? Wrong! Piercing your own ears can be a recipe for disaster. You’ll probably finds lots of resources on DIY ear piercing online but won’t they don’t tell you is that it comes with many risks. There are much better reasons to go to a professional piercer than to do it yourself. Professionals have experience, the right equipment and they’ve been trained in all the right techniques.

Sterile Environment – If you’ve been looking at stylish body jewellery in Australia and you’ve thought to yourself, “that would look great on me, let’s do a piercing now”, think about some of the negatives. When you’re at home, you won’t be able to create a sterile environment. Professional studios use chemicals and sterilization techniques to ensure they kill 99% of the pathogens that could cause infections. They know what chemicals and cleaning solutions to use to get the best outcome.

Positioning – How can you properly position a needle to penetrate your skin when you are doing it yourself in a mirror? It might look or sound like an easy process, but it isn’t. There is a lot more going on than meets the eye. Trained piercers have to assess the anatomy of the area and find the right location to make a hole. You want the piercing to be straight and anatomically correct, so it looks good when you wear body jewellery.

Equipment – When you visit a body piercing studio you will be attended to by a professional who has gone through training and is fully qualified to perform a body piercing technique. They know exactly where to place the piercing and what is the best type of equipment to use. There isn’t a one size fits all needle for every piercing.

Trauma & Infection – If you don’t properly sterile the equipment or you don’t pierce the ear properly, you can cause damage to the ear or pierce the ear with an infected needle. The piercing must be done quickly and accurately with a sterile needle.

Reading through this article you can see why it is better to opt for a professional piercing as opposed letting a friend do it or doing it by yourself. Many things can go wrong when you don’t allow a skilled piercer to do your ears. They’ll make sure they find the correct placement and use clean, modern equipment.

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